Hi! I just wanted to say that if you want I can convert some clothes for teens and vice versa. This does not apply to Luella dress and Grunge set because I don't know how to create clothes meshes but don't be shy to ask me about others :)

In a moment I will give you a few new things ;)

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  1. I for one would not mind seeing an Adult conversion of the Romantica top and a teen version of the Go Green design. Also, a teen version of the Simple Leggings or the Always Jeans (if possible) wouldn't be amiss in my game. I love the previews of everything you've got here and I'm looking forward to getting a bunch of the bits into my game. ;o)

  2. They look BEAUTIFUL, Green! I was so tickled to see how fast these came out. You are a very talented CC designer and I love your work. ;o)

  3. thank you ^^ it means a lot to me as beginner creator :)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Could you do an adult version of the flat leather sandals you have for teens?

    Please, they're so amazing but I want them for my young adults/adults too! (=

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