Made with Create a Style and GIMP
Patterns have shining elements: ornaments, flowers and tiles
2 channels and 3 channels for floral

CC List
Lamp: Gosik






I decided to refresh my blog. Grey and green is one of my favorite color mix.
I hope you will like it


Made with TSR Workshop, Milkshape and GIMP

I apologize for the fact that I forgot to put the important information
I wrote about it in this post

Original Ruban Chair is designed by Designer Gauthier Poulain
I stronly invite to visit where find more such amazing furniture projects

5 new meshes:
Ruban Chair by Designer Gauthier Poulain
Round Table - working as end table
Big Table
Ceiling Lamp
Wildflower in a bottle

Updated for patch 1.26

CC List
Ornament pattern: made by me
Wall clock: made by me but I have a problem with this



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