Why not simple shorts? 'Couse there are plenty of them ;)
What do you think about this design? Do you prefer with or without bows?

Made with TSR Workshop, Milkshape 3D and GIMP
fully hand-painted
Working as casual, sleepwear, swimwear ant athletic
3 channels

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tops: lili sims and me


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17 Responses so far.

  1. These are so pretty!

    Thanks for sharing! <3

  2. Anonymous says:

    These are great with or without the bows, and they look well made. Thank you :)

  3. Anonymous says:

    I would like a version without bows but I love them both equally. You always do an amazing job! Thanks so much <3

  4. Oh wow!I really love these XD Thank you so much for sharing <3

  5. Gorgeous!: ) Thankyou! May I ask, is Milkshape hard to use? I want to start meshing but it all seems very daunting!

  6. Nox says:

    Is the bow 3D? I would love to see more 3D details in clothing like bow, sash, ruffles, belt...I think it's the details that make your clothes stand out. Keep up the excellent work you are doing.
    Thanks <3.

  7. Thank you ! I think these are adorable. I love the little bows but think they'd still be cute without them. :)

  8. Oh, thank you :*

    @Jessica_Lou, check facebook, I answered your question there :)

    For now I will try to make more detailed meshes because I learned some new tricks :)

    Maybe I will make one more version without bows :)

  9. Anonymous says:

    I really like these, but a version without bows would be nice as well. Just so they're more versatile.

  10. Killcia says:

    This bow is so cute! I'd download it even without the bow because of the pretty texture, but with this bow it's perfect.

  11. Zim says:

    This is very well done in every way. Would you consider creating a version with one bow in the middle of the waist (like it's a belt)?
    Thank you for all your marvelous creations!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Greennoodle, I love these!! I had them in my game since you made them and I didn't even comment how much I love them!

    You are so quality! Your work is amazing! ♥ Glad to see these shorts! My Sims will love them!!

  13. minikodama says:


  14. Anonymous says:

    Thank you, it's really cute ! :)

  15. Gorgeous! These look so cute on my sims.

  16. This is AWESOME! Thank you much, and the artwork on your blog is amazing! I love your blog so much. Thank you for sharing these shorts and the other stuff.

  17. So pretty cute♥♥♥ Thanks you for sharing them, for me I do like both with bow and without cuz they're both amazing!

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