I tried to modify game mesh and I made these puffy shorts. I received something like this:

I really don't know why... :( I was modify only the lower part - from the blue line on the picture (except the special group -maternity):
I'll try to look for answer on the internet but if any of you know what is the source of the problem leave a comment. I would be very grateful

CC List
Both tops: lilisims
lipstick: greennoodle
hair: Newsea

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  1. OMG! I really like your style

  2. Anonymous says:

    Turn autosmooth off. :D

  3. Icia says:

    sorry for the late help
    I have the same problem, it's a workshop error.
    You can probe this, First extract any bottom mesh and import it again without make it changes.
    The line will apppear anyway.
    I made one short, skirt and recently some yoga sport pants and all have the same problems.
    The same happens with the bra lol! it's so weird.
    Hope the new version of workshop came with that error fixed.


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