This is from my really old stuff. So far the only makeup cc that I did. It's a little bit dark so you will not see a very bright colors correctly. I uploaded this for Bożena :)

Made with TSR Workshop and GIMP

Don't rememberer is this for teens too but I think it's not
3 channels

CC List
Top (first): lilisims
Top (second): salwia
blush: Lemonleaf
earrings: greennoodle
Skin (only second picture): Club Crimsyn



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  1. Dzięki wielkie za niego.Bardzo mi się podoba i już go pobieram.

  2. Love your lipgloss and your black model :)

  3. I love the Black model too. Is she available for download?

  4. I can upload her but first I need to find all links to custom content :)

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