I would like to write today about my work over the objects. In the Internet you can find a lot of 3d models. Some of them are free and have a license that allows us to use them for non-commercial projects. But I don't use them. All of my furniture is fully modeled by me. The same applies to textures

Usually I'm googling interesting furniture designs for inspiration and I am sketching a 3d model on a piece of paper. Now I'm working on dining set based on Ruban chair by Gauthier Poulain (See the picture below). Of course my model may slightly differ from the original.

And you creators, are you making new objects by yourself? or maybe you pay for ready models?


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  1. Awesome :D Good luck. Oh and I use source images usually, but sometimes I will hand paint certain things.

  2. I'm just now learning, but I'm trying to make my own, but just a little hard for me. Good luck with your set though.

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