Almost form the beginning of this blog all your comments was moderated. It means that every comment was checked by me before it was published so that I could remove spam and vulgar content. I had about 40 or maybe even 50 spam comments last month. My e-mail was a big mess because of that. Even a few of real comments automatically was marked as spam and I had to fix all of these.

From now on all of your comments won't be moderated but... only registered users can write. Sorry for that but I hope it shouldn't be a problem.  I always wanted everyone to be able to leave opinion on my blog but spammers are too dangerous. Links that are placed in the comments may contain malware (malicious software).

Have a nice day ;)

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  1. ello :)
    I'm Rew of FashionBird magazine (about The Sims 3)
    I want to ask you if you would like to join our staff. Actually, you don't need to play the game, just talking about the creations of other Simmers, help with the interviews. If you're interested, contact us :)

  2. Hi Rew :)
    I appreciate that you asked me. Unfortunately I don't have enough time. Private life goes first.
    Good luck with magazine :)

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