Almost form the beginning of this blog all your comments was moderated. It means that every comment was checked by me before it was published so that I could remove spam and vulgar content. I had about 40 or maybe even 50 spam comments last month. My e-mail was a big mess because of that. Even a few of real comments automatically was marked as spam and I had to fix all of these.

From now on all of your comments won't be moderated but... only registered users can write. Sorry for that but I hope it shouldn't be a problem.  I always wanted everyone to be able to leave opinion on my blog but spammers are too dangerous. Links that are placed in the comments may contain malware (malicious software).

Have a nice day ;)

I'm still alive but now not as creator, why?

It's pretty simple, I have some problems with my laptop and I'm not sure I can have new one soon so... sorry guys but I'm not able to make brand new stuff for you. My computer works but I'm afraid if I would run the game it will be not working anymore :P Without game TSR Workshop doesn't work. I'm not happy about that, especially because I haven't finished my bedroom set :/

Fortunately, there is a lot of new great creators making adorable clothing, furniture, etc. I still follow news from the TS3 custom content world. I check this blog often and my fanpage on facebook as well so feel free to leave comments. My blog is moderated but only because of spam so your comment will be published (unless it's vulgar or something like that). I don't mind criticism ;)

One more thing. You can find my meshes on other websites and blogs. Some creators asked me if they can use it and let them to do that. I'm in love with simsinspring.'s sweater based on my mesh (check it here). 
If you would also like to use my meshes ask HERE in comments
Don't forget to give me credit
If you would like to use my textures - it's NO, you have to make your own

Unfortunately, after simsinspring.'s update, some creators have used my sweater mesh without permission and I'm really sad about that. For example Orange Sim used the same mesh and gave credit to Candy Lover (though it's mine and I did'n know about it before publication). back to basics also shared my mesh without permission and (that' funny) she gave credit to simsinspring..You should remember I put effort to make my meshes and I share everything for free.
I hope I will get back someday :)

All of my objects are updated for patch 1.26

Enjoy :)

Yes, I'm fine and certainly I'm not dead :P
I had a lot of other stuff to do but now I'm working on new set :)
So I encourage you to keep an eye on my page on facebook. You can already find there some screenshots from workshop of my new furniture and decorations.

follow me on

PL/ Ten post będzie po polsku, ponieważ dotyczy on konkursu na SimsCreator i niestety bez znajomości języka, nie da się wziąć w nim udziału

Eng/ This post will be only in Polish because it's about a contest on SimsCreator and without knowing the language you can't compete in the competition

Dość świeże forum SimsCreator zebrało już sporo świetnych kreatorów :)
Osobiście chętnie biorę udział w życiu tej społeczności, ponieważ w zamian również otrzymuję często pomoc, która pozwala mi się rozwijać, ale...

Należy pamiętać, że takie fora to również zabawa i miło spędzony wolny czas :)
Dlatego w ostatnich chwilach trwania konkursu chciałabym was zachęcić do udziału w nim!

Na najstraszniejszą simkę :)
Upiory, duchy, wampiry, wilkołaki i wszystkie przerażające mary!

Pokaż na co Cię stać! Daj innym kandydatom popalić i wystrasz ich swoją halloweenową simką!
Zgłoszenia można nadsyłać tylko do 31 października!
Dlatego śpieszcie się i zdobądźcie odznakę!

Pamiętajcie także aby zapoznać się z zasadami...
... od 31.10.11. głosujcie również na najlepszą pracę...
... oraz wróćcie 2 listopada, aby zobaczyć wszystkie dzieła i przede wszystkim zwycięzców...
... możesz to być TY!


click on picture to enlarge

Kalina has no traits, o you can choose your own :)

Made with base game

CC List

casual top: All About Style
casual shoes: Carrie
formal dress: nusty Nail
formal shoes: ICON (site closed)
sleepwear bottom: Rusty Nail
athletic top: Lorandia
athletic bottom: lili sims (long)
bikini: Candy Lover
hair: Anubis360 mesh by Peggy
eye shadow: Evie
blush: M&T
lipstick: Shyne

not includet:
eyeliner: emmzx
lip shape slider: Hermi



Halloween special
original idea by designer Erik Griffioen
"Pajęczy Tron" is polish name and it means spider throne
special for my friends from Poland :)

Made with TSR Workshop, Milkshape 3d and GIMP
Working as living chair
3 channels

Updated for patch 1.26



, , , ,

Why not simple shorts? 'Couse there are plenty of them ;)
What do you think about this design? Do you prefer with or without bows?

Made with TSR Workshop, Milkshape 3D and GIMP
fully hand-painted
Working as casual, sleepwear, swimwear ant athletic
3 channels

CC List
tops: lili sims and me


, , ,

by greennoodle ;)
sorry but it is in Polish
anyway... I hope you will like it :)