I really tried to create a Sim who will look just like me but...
yes it's similar but not perfect clone

However, I hope you like her

She called Green Noodle and she's young adult

- artistic
- hopeless romantic
- loves the outdoors
- neurotic
- good sense of humor

Made with base game

CC List

earrings: by me
everyday top: lili sims
everyday and formal shoes: lili sims
formal dress: Lorandia (by Icia)
sleepwear top: lili sims
sleepwear bottom: lili sims
athletic top: lili sims
athletic bottom: lili sims

not includet:


6 Responses so far.

  1. Anonymous says:

    If that is your Sim-self, then you are gorgeous. ♥

    Keep up the wonderful creations too. :)

  2. It doesn't even matter how similiar is a clone to original, every clone will always remain a clone ;)

    So, it's only one conclusion - original is the best :*

  3. Well might not be the same but similar is good to me... girl you are pretty!
    But it's funny that you added Neurotic as a trait haha, are you? ;)
    Downloading it!

  4. haha, I have some traits similar to simlish neurotic. I guess I'm like that sometimes :D

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